ORT House

Phase 1

The existing building was constructed in the 1970’s and its original use was a library with a service entrance from Arlington Road, Camden.

Works were undertaken to split the approved planning design into two wings (The Albert Street Wing – Building A and The Arlington Rd. Wing – Building B) to provide separate tenancies. The split permanently separated the two buildings, each side having separate access. R Biz added new blockwork and the removal of any plant or walls within 1 meter either side of the new party. New window openings were created and a new opening in the roof.

Phase 2

Works involve the strip out of existing fixtures and fitting, ceilings, internal partition walls and non-load bearing masonry walls. Partial demolition to the central lift shaft, lift car and gear components. Asbestos removal to all areas identified in the refurbishment and demolition report. New and adaptations to electrical and mechanical throughout.


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